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2010 Annual Report April 10, 2010 Off to Colombia

Off to Colombia: 2010 Annual Report April 10, 2010
Dear friends,
I fly to Bogotá on April 20th for two months where I will set up interviews for Paul Alexander for his book on Christians that are working for peace and justice. I will also be sharing with Mennonite Brethren congregations in Colombia to encourage them in their peacemaking in the midst of the war.
This year I began sharing on a subway platform. I give out 20 - 30 pieces of literature an hour. I encourage people to pray and let their government representatives know their concerns about war. I tell them how we’ve reduced suffering in Colombia by reducing U.S. military aid. With youth, I share important questions to think about before they enlist in the military. I plan to continue this sharing when I’m home in Chicago. See my live video subway sharing at: on my website.

‘‘That Jim is able to make a commitment to witnessing in the subway for peace and CPT in spite of his struggles with depression is a testimony to the Lord's power and his willingness to follow God's call.” – Timothy Doran, Advisory Board member

As I’ve done in previous years, I plan to have a CPT booth at the Cornerstone Music Festival and Bureau County Fair. This continues to be an important way to open dialogue with people curious about peacemaking.
I plan to make a tour in the fall to share with schools and congregations as I did in 2009 when I gave over fifty presentations across the country in eight states.
As in past years, I will write letters so that you can be an informed prayer partner and advocate for peace. Over 2000 people receive these letters. My letters and photos are at:
Almost every day I spend over two hours praying for others and myself and for peace and justice in the world. Not that I am so great at praying, but we do have the Greatest Listener who can discern even our inarticulate groaning and longing when we pray. Praying helps me keep on track, for I inevitably get off the path. Many of you are on my prayer list.
The last months I’ve developed a condition where every other day, like clockwork, I was depressed. This has really paralyzed my peace work such that I have not sent my slow mail letters out the last months. I’m grateful for all the help I’ve gotten from counselors, a doctor, the book Why Am I Still Depressed?, friends and prayers. I am very grateful to report that for the last weeks I’ve had a lot less depression. Thanks for the support of your prayers. Give me a call if you’d like to talk about this more. 773-856-3351
We’ve recently had an advisory board meeting to review the past year. This was very helpful and encouraging. One good suggestion from the advisory board was to use a more colorful brochure for “Do You Know Enough to Enlist?” as a better way to compete with military recruiters.
Whenever I hear Jim tell the stories of his peacemaking work, I get energized.” – Rich Foss, pastoral elder, Plow Creek Fellowship and Advisory Board member

My mission statement is still challenging and relevant to me: To do peacemaking lovingly, humbly, calmly, joyfully, prayerfully, and humorously so that it supports and fosters trust, reconciliation, friendship, understanding and compassion between people locally and internationally.
In regard to my budget, in spite of the economic situation, I am hopeful that your donations will continue to cover expenses. I've tried to keep in mind my commitment to live simply despite rising prices. Because of
changes in my living situation, I will not be taking living expenses out of my budget as I did in the past years. Instead I will be collecting a Per Diem for times when I am traveling.

Jim's Peacemaking

2010 Budget



Retained earnings (accumulative from prior years)

Total Income




Transportation (Colombia, El Salva
dor, USA)
Per Diem ($110) Food & Lodging

Total Travel



Booth Rentals

Presentation Materials, Pamphlets

Written Materials, Books


Total Programming



Bookkeeping & Accounting

Computer Equipment & Services

Web Development

Office Supplies


Printing & Photocopying

Administrative Assistance

Misc. Credit Card


Total Administration


Total Expenses


Retained earnings for coming year


To maintain one soldier for war, our taxes pay a MILLION DOLLARS a year.
I will be a soldier for peace for $18,000 a year.
I am passionate about peace. Will you join me in making peacemaking a priority in today's world?
If so, please make out checks to “Jim’s Peacemaking” and mail to:
Jim’s Peacemaking
723 Seward
Evanston, IL 60602

Or contribute online, Click Here. All contributions are tax deductible.

Thanks to each of you who prayed, shared your money, edited, helped with bookkeeping, assisted me with computer help or set up invitations for me to share with schools, churches, and groups.
In the end - last but not least - PRAY - for God’s coming justice and peace through these efforts and in spite of our shortcomings.

“Jim's ministry of peace making is a witness to the true nature of the calling of Christ. Jim is rehabilitating the name Christian in our popular culture.” Ron Johnson, Advisory Board member

Here I am, along with Jesse Miller. Jesse is now assisting me once a week with writing and computer work as a way for me to do my peace work more efficiently.

To maintain one soldier for war, our taxes pay a MILLION DOLLARS a year.
I will be a soldier for peace for $18,000 a year.
PS: Please consider acting on your concern for peace by investing generously in this peacemaking today.


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