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Jim Fitz's 2004 Peace Plan

Greeting, my friends, Well, I am finally getting to articulate my plan for 2004. Just has felt there were other things that have been more urgent. But I can’t procrastinate any longer. My passion for peace has just deepened over the year. This makes me feel I am on the right track. My mission statement still seems relevant. To do peacemaking lovingly, humbly, calmly, and prayerfully, so that it challenges, supports, and fosters reconciliation, friendship, understanding, and compassion between people locally and internationally. For pictures and further details from this past year, go to the page " 04 Pictures and Captions ". Here is a link to this year's budget . Making a difference for peace in 2004 . The trip to Pennsylvania and California where I gave over a dozen slide presentations and had many significant conversations encouraging people in their peacemaking and sharing about my own peacemaking. I have given eight present

Jim Fitz's 2004 Pictures

Here I am at the Tiskilwa Strawberry Festival sharing my report with another person. She was very interested in peacemaking. In these conversations I try to really listen and help individuals see that their peacemaking activities are a part of God’s bringing his kingdom of peace. We all have our part to play. The rising interest in peace is very encouraging. Here I am during one of my presentations using a map explaining the situation in Colombia. I believe if people come to know the real suffering that is happening in Colombia, they will withdraw their support of the 1.5 million dollars per day of US military aid. Colombia needs aid in the form of healthcare, schools, and other social services. We need to do things that help people for that is Jesus what taught. This is on the Opon River in the countryside of Colombia. Here the Christian Peacemaker Team is accompanying boats of Opon farmers on the way to a meeting. This meeting was part of some very significant stride