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Prevention prayer needed

Sandra, a CPTer home on vacation woke up in the middle of the night burden with fear, as she had just dreamed that CPTers were in a town of farmers surrounded by armed groups, when the CPTers tried to leave a spirit of death knocked them over like dominoes except for Sandra. The dream was so disturbing the next day she took it to her church and in response they had a special time of prayer for her and the CPT Team. The sense was that the team may be in for some hard times though it is unclear at this point what it all means in specifics. We sense also it was a message calling the CPT team to prayer and to seek God’s help in the days ahead. And we are here asking your help in that. Then last night at supper we shared about a number of occurrences that have happened over the last month or so and some just recently. For security reasons I can not share them other that to say that some people that we trusted have lied to us. And we suspect it is because they needed to do it for there ow