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Put on the Spot

Hello friends, Put on the Spot November 27,2011 " What would you do if you were president when the Japanese invaded Japan? ask a sister a number of times putting me on the spot at the Mt. View Mennonite Church in a suburb of Los Angeles, I hesitated trying to think what to say, I finally responded, "I don't know what I would do, I would have to think about that. I have heard that our government knew it was going to happen but they wanted to let it happen so they could rally the people of the united States to support the government going to war. I wonder if that was not the truth." Afterwards a brother from the audience who had obviously studied that history, said to me in detail,"You were right the government did know about it beforehand." I went on to say, " Often people ask, " What would you do if someone attack your family?" We are putting lots of effort in to how to make war and so little into how