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A FARC Phone Call

Hello friends,                       A FARC Phone Call “Hello, this is Commander Morales of the FARC. We are taking over your farm.” The FARC is the largest guerrilla group in Colombia. At this Jose and Maria with their son Jorge left quickly with just the clothes on their backs. “Jose was crying as he gave up his dream of the farm to provide a future for his son,” Maria chimed in as they told me their story.  Jose added the following: “Maria was pregnant with our next child. The farm consisted of acres of coffee, and many cattle. We had 20 hired employees. The FARC said they wanted to recruit our 8 year old son Jorge because they noticed he was such a good worker and therefore would make a good soldier.  “The FARC found us in the town where we tried to escape. The FARC then sent four guys to his school and told the school they were sent by us to pick him up. Neighbors told us this was happening, so we called the police, the police went there, and then the four guys left. Than
Pray for Critical Colombia Peace Talks  Dear friends, Colombian Peace talks are in a very critical point right now. You can help by praying.  Here is where things stand: The FARC the largest guerrilla group declared a unilateral cease fire on July 20. That is very good. However the government refuses to do the same, Santos the President has said that if they do, the FARC will regroup and reinforce themselves as has happened in the past. Another issue: Santos says the guerrillas who have done atrocities should be imprisoned. FARC says, only if all others like the Colombian military and paramilitaries who have committed atrocities are also imprisoned. Probably the Colombian military is strongly pressuring Santos to keep them out of prison. Colombian peace talks in Havana Cuba They have agreed on some very important points. One is how to include the guerillas in the political process. The UN and other countries are getting involved to help broker an agreement. Santos sa