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Time to Pray

Dear Friends, I have been sharing the following with people these days. “Have you heard of the book JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglas? In it Douglas, a Christian, shows through his in-depth studies that JFK’s assassination and some other political US assassinations were related to these persons being in the process of implementing some important changes.” “I sense our country is at a crossroads in our history. And a political assassination could be devastating for the whole world. So I would like to encourage you to say a prayer for the protection of the candidates, and for God’s will to be done in these elections. I think we can with our prayers have a part in shaping history for the better. Ask your friends and church to do the same.” “It would be so easy to let this just be something we use to make conversation about the election and another thing to feel helpless about. We can influence this situation, contrary to the air around that says we are hopeless to change thing

Just for kids

Dear Friend, “Today’s presentation is just for kids and if the the adults behave we will let them listen”, thus I began my recent presentation at my home church at Plow Creek. “Do you know what a peacebuilders is in your school?” I ask the kids. They answered. “Sure they give up put downs, they make friends with those who are left out, they try to work things out by talking instead of hitting or fighting.” Well, when I go to Colombia for 2- 3 months, I try to be a peacebuilder amongst the people who have been fighting for 45 years there. They are not only fighting with angry words with hands and sticks as you might with your playmates, but they are using even guns which can kill people. Here are real bullets and a real gun. In Colombia they talk about the lead (plomo) was flying as a way to say there was a fight. They are talking about the lead here the tips in these bullets. When the trigger is pulled the gun shoots the lead out and it will tear into what ever it hits, and if i