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Sharing #7 The gift of the enemy The gift of the enemy is the theme of the 3 seminars I will be doing next week at the Cornerstone music and seminar Festival 7/1-5/03. Perhaps one of the most important question before us for our present time in history is how we will embrace the call to "Love our enemies", A good litmus test to evaluate our religious and political leaders is how do they embrace this hard teaching of Jesus. Jesus calls us to love our enemies, in order for us to be children of God, for God has it rain and shine on the good and evil and just and unjust alike. A point of solidarity with our enemies is in our common evil. We like they are a mix of good and evil, just and unjust. As we come to recognize these negative aspects of ourselves , do you notice how we tolerate and accept these things in ourselves? When we see this common ground with our enemies, then we can come to see our enemies sin much more objectively and even come to look at them with
Are our leaders ripe for Peace?? This has been a question I’ve been pondering lately. As I look at recent history, I see a pattern in Israeli leaders, one that I remember particularly starting with Begin in the 1970's. He started out very warrior--like, giving the impression he was going to straighten things out by using strong military force. He was going to fix those Palestinians once and for all. But after a few years he gradually began to sing a different tune. He came to see that military might just was not getting anywhere and began to question if all the bloodshed was worth anything. This all brought him to the point of talking with Arafat, which led to reconciliation that developed into an actual friendship between the two leaders. As you might remember, Begin was then assassinated, after which Arafat spent over an hour with Begin’s widow consoling her. She has remarked about the miracle it was when she came to appreciate Arafat and his compassion through this whole exper


Thank you for your interest in being a part of bringing peace and justice to this hurting world. Christian Peacemaker Teams policy is that volunteers such as myself raise all of their own funds. Therefore, I depend on donations in order to give presentations to increase hope and encourage people to do their part to bring peace and justice to the world. I invite you to take part in this effort by praying for peace and/or making a donation. Make checks out to Jim's Peacemaking and send to : Jim's Peacemaking 723 Seward St Evanston, IL 60202 You can pay online: You can also donate with Paypal via a credit card or bank account . Ps. Again I ask you to please consider supporting this vital work to bring peace and justice to this hurting world. Thanks, Jim Due to present situation, donations are currently NOT tax deductible.  But donations are greatly appreciated to keep this peacemaking going.