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The people who are holding our teammates have reset the deadline for a response as Dec. 10. Please continue to pray, thanks , and peace, Jim IRAQ - An appeal from the CPT Team Dec. 6, 2005 [The following appeal was just broadcast on Al-Jazeera television and has been distributed to other Arabic and English media] We are very concerned about our friends. We would very much like to know that they are in good condition. It is our most sincere wish that you will immediately release them unharmed. While we believe the action of kidnapping is wrong, we do not condemn you as people. We recognize the humanity in each person, and respect it very much. This includes you, our colleagues, and all people. We believe there needs to be a force that counters all the resentment, the fear, the intimidation felt by the Iraqi people. We are trying to be that force: to speak for justice, to advocate for the human rights of Iraqis, to look at an Iraqi face and say: my brother, my sister, P

CPTers abducted in Iraq

Four CPTers were abducted in Iraq on November 26. Below is an update from the Iraq Team. We on the Colombian team have been shaken by this news. Your concern and prayers are much appreciated. Along with this sad news from Iraq came a tragedy here in Colombia. A sister who was a pillar in the Colombian Mennonite church was killed in a motorcycle accident. This motorcycle happened to be in the Colombian President Uribe’s motorcade in Bogota. She and her son had been on a CPT delegation. She was a special person who was extremely dedicated to serving others and she often avoided involvement in positions of power in politics or the church in her belief in the importance of focusing on Jesus and not herself. The funeral sermon highlighted her servant attitude. President Uribe attended the viewing and the funeral. These events really brought home how we need to be grounded in the Lord. It made me pray a lot more than usual. It makes me grateful to be able to pray. We on the team all sai