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A Peaceful Death

Treva, my sister-in-law who recently passed on, confided to me about eighteen months ago, “When we were just married we moved in with your Mom and Dad. Your mother became one of my best friends. I could talk to her about anything, something I was not able to do with my own mother. “I used to love to go to the field to work with her for I knew we would get to talk. One time when we were in the field, we laughed so hard we peed in our pants.” I can still hear Treva laughing when she told me this. When I was 13 right after my parents died Harold and Treva made me part of their family. My brother Tom shared, “When I was 15 and on the Church softball team, they had an evening in which they asked us to come to have our pictures taken. It was the evening that my older brothers Wayne and Harold, Treva’s husband and I were planting tomatoes. Wayne and Harold had just got done telling me that I could not go to get my picture taken with the team because I was needed to help plant the tomatoes