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Here is good article from the September 1 issue of the Mennonite Weekly Review on the overall Colombian situation, I think you would find of interest. Say a prayer for the Colombian church to do what Jesus would do. What kind of peace for Colombia? By Rebecca Bartel and Bonnie Klassen Mennonite Central Committee Jim

The vet and the Buddhists at the 2008 County Fair

Dear friends "Would you like to hear how we are reducing violence in the war zones of the world?" I asked Justin as he walked by my booth, and we started what turned out to be a very warm conversation. "No, I have been in the military for 15 years; I have seen too much of that already," Justin responded. "WOW, you have been through a lot. Part of my calling is to pray for people; I will put you on my prayer list," I answered. Justin responded, "Well, that is awful nice of you, thank you very much." "What do you do any way?" I asked. He answered, "I take care of my grandmother. Being in the military all those years, I saved my money. I live real simply, don't spend very much; her and I are the only ones left in our family, so we just have each other. . . Sorry I don't want to sign up for your letters, I just have seen too much already. I am sorry I gave all those years to military service, I am just trying to heal.&qu