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Hello Friends,                  Your Prayers and My Mission  September 3, 2013   What do you do?”  “I work for the chiropractor who has this booth.”  “ You’re a chiropracter?”   “No, I am his helper.  Would like to sign up for a free adjustment?” “No, I don’t live here.  I work at peacemaking, working to end war. I have a booth here. I give out a pamphlet that tells how you can help do that by writing to President Obama, and your senator and your representatives with one click . Would you like one? Sure! Come visit me around the corner. What do you do when you are not here?” “I am mom, I have 3 kids.”  “Being a good parent to children  is important peace work, too, to create a future society of peace.” Thus went one of many conversations . Here I’m  sharing about peace with several women at my booth.  I gave out over 500 pamphlets in the five days I was there. As I reflected about  the  many conversations  I had I  sensed your  prayers  for my mission were