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Zechariah and Building Peace

Hello Friend, "What was that scripture you opened with?" asked an attentive student at Webster U in St Louis. I replied, "It was Eugene Peterson's The Message , Zech. 9: 9-13 , here notice what God is doing and how humans are to be part of it, then Mat. 28: 16-20 here notice Jesus' charge to the disciples even though they are not sure about their commitment, I find myself in the disciple shoes often times feeling a bit lukewarm about committing myself totally to God. Then Eph. 3:20 . a reminder that God can do anything you know, then Zech. 8:13 this says what I sense is my purpose in this presentation, a glimpse into what God is doing through CPT. If we keep our focus on what the media tells us is happening we become afraid and wonder when will be the collapse of the world and it paralysis us. But if we keep our attention on what God is doing, we can live with hope and be energized to be a part of constructing peace and justice a new world here and n