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A Nazarene Peacemaker and a Thief

Dear friends, A Nazarene Peacemaker and a Thief 3/4/19 “Would you turn that mirror in on your side in so it doesn’t get knocked off.” said Juan to me. He then added “I have to tell you a story about that mirror. I was at a stop light and a guy come up and just broke off the mirror. I saw police nearby so I told them.” “They went and found him and brought him to me. They said to me, well here he is you can hit him or do whatever you want with him. Beat on him as much as you want. I said I don’t want to beat on him. That just didn’t seem right. They then called and another policeman who also said go ahead beat on him this is your chance. That might straight him out.” “They then got a commander who brought a bat and said well now you can beat him go to it. I than talked to the fellow and found he was very poor and stealing things as a way to survive. So I felt he was already in a deep in a hole. I didn’t want to push him any deeper.” “The poli

Visiting the FARC

Dear friends Visiting the FARC 3/21/19 Were you in the jungle and part of the fighting? I asked. Yes I was in the war since I was about 4.” answered the ex-FARC guerrilla soldier. “After 60 years we have come to see Christ was right; violence does not work to bring peace and justice. That is why we signed the peace agreement.” Here is the ex-FARC guerilla, Pilar and me when we had our hour long conversation. The paintings in the background FARC soldiers did. They are selling them to help sustain themselves. Surprising to me he referred to Christ. I must say I agreed with much of his analysis of the USA’s negative military doings in the world. He said, “We are really committed to working this out by being involved in the government even if Duque the new president fails in following the peace accords.” My very good friend Pilar has gotten to know this household of demobilize FARC. She took me there. I was a little anxious despite her a

Visitando las FARC

Queridos amigos Visitando las FARC 21/03/19 ¿Estabas en la jungla y parte de la lucha? Yo pregunté. Sí, estuve en la guerra desde los 4 años ”, respondió el ex soldado guerrillero de las FARC. “Después de 60 años hemos venido a ver que Cristo tenía razón; La violencia no funciona para traer paz y justicia. Por eso firmamos el acuerdo de paz ". (Andy inserta la foto aquí, usa la foto cercana de la ex FARC, pilar y yo. Aquí está la leyenda) Aquí está la ex guerrillera de las FARC, Pilar y yo cuando tuvimos nuestra conversación de una hora. Las pinturas en el fondo de los soldados de las FARC lo hicieron. Los están vendiendo para ayudar a mantenerse a sí mismos. Sorprendiéndome, se refería a Cristo. Debo decir que estoy de acuerdo con gran parte de su análisis de las acciones militares negativas de los Estados Unidos en el mundo. Dijo: "Estamos realmente comprometidos a resolver esto al involucrarnos en el gobierno, incluso si Duque, el nuevo preside