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Tennessee Camping at the Papa Festival

How did you like my CPT Presentation?" I asked a fellow who had attended my slide presentation that morning. "We have been talking about it all afternoon." he replied. My sense is that it was one of my best presentations as far as audience participation. We had more than 30 minutes of good questions, some of which the audience answered because I did not know the answers. The presentation was followed with several hours of personal conversations about CPT work. Many persons at this People against Poverty and Apathy Festival knew little or nothing about Christian Peacemaker Teams. I made several new friends and connected with lots of old friends. This all made the challenges of camping in this 61 year old body worth it. Thanks for the help of your prayers. Remember to pray for our time at the Cornerstone Christian Music Festival July 4 th -8th. We will have a booth there and Cliff Kindy will share in six talks about his time with CPT in Iraq. May the Lord give us humble