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Help make peace with one click

Help End the Wars with One Click! Simply go to , enter zipcode at the “Find out” button, click on “one click” above the pictures, click “send message” at the bottom. Just takes a minute. Write them weekly. 2011 U.S. military spending is $2.1 million dollars a minute. Of every dollar in taxes, 57% is for military, 1% is for diplomacy and development, 6% is for health care, 4% is for education, and 11% is for poverty. This is based on President Obama’s 2011 federal budget. Reference; Tell your government representatives to stop wasting our tax dollars for war and destruction which does not create peace and security. Instead it creates enemies, terrorists, recession, joblessness, broken families, and suicides. Tell them to spend it on constructive things like schools, health care, and employee people to built roads and bridges etc. D