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A Third Way for Colombia

Hello Friends, Here is good news article, Colombia's Third Way , that gives some important insight into what is happening in Colombia government circles that you probably haven't seen in the news. I think you will find it worth reading. This would be a good time to write your legislator about reducing military aid and increasing humanitarian aid (i.e.. aid for schools and health care) to Colombia. This would alleviate a lot of the suffering in Colombia and help the budding peace process. Use this link for an easy way to write your legislators. Thanks for: Getting helpers to talk with people at the Cornerstone Festival Booth. The good friends who continue to help me through some hard conflicts in relationships and that I can now say it was good. Pray for: For my interactions at a booth I will have at the Iowa City Mennonite Relief Sale June 2nd and 3rd. and at Cornerstone June 26-30. For my slide talks at one or two church coming up in Iowa.

Sharing at the Mennonite Relief Sale and Hannibal, MO

Dear Friends, The woman came up somewhat anxio usly to my booth at the Peoria Mennonite Relief Sale and asked, "Do you really see any changes that give you hope that the situation in Colombia is getting better?" I asked her to sit down with me so I could tell her some of the things I see happening. "When I first went there five years ago, numerous organizations were a bit unclear about their stance on the use of a gun to try to fix the tremendous injustice that exists there. Today, most if not all, are clearly against all use of violence. One thing about war, the more war we have, the more people are able to see that it just does not work. It shows itself for what it is. The evil is brought to the light. "Another source of hope is that since 2001, the Pentecostal, Mennonite, Brethren and other churches are helping displaced people, which is threatening to the armed groups that caused them to abandon their homes. "Five years ago we spent five to six days a