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"They killed my son three months ago."

6-11-10 "They killed my son three months ago." Dear Friends, "They killed my son three months ago." Thus remarked an older sister in the Mennonite Brethren (MB) church here in Choco. Another shared, "They have been disappearing motorcycle taxi drivers a lot over the years, one just disappeared two weeks ago, And as usual the police never do any real investigation to find who did it." It is hard to know how to respond to such heavy words. I just said, "Thank you for sharing, I understand the situation better than I ever have before." "The police (supposedly the law here) enter what are well known as paramilitary's homes all the time, so we have to be very careful what we talk about and with whom. We never know who is associated with which group--guerrilla or paramilitary--both which are outside the law. We are so grateful for the MB church, for we are safe here to share. As a matter of fact, when Protestants have been ki