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New Knee & Making Peace

 Dear Friends,             A  New Knee & Making Peace       3/5/20 On January 22 I got a new knee and I’m now recovering. Lyn was here for my surgery and has been supporting me enormously in my recovery. She made lots of phone calls and suggestions to make sure the recovery went easier and faster for me. I spent 4 weeks in rehab. There I ate my meals with 4 Jewish patients and a Presbyterian. It was a surprisingly good opportunity to share about working for peace, including sharing a talk and photos on Colombia and El Salvador and having lots of good conversations. One Jewish brother remarked, “We all want peace but you are doing something about it.” Irwin, another Jew, read my peace pamphlets and took the names of all the books I use for quiet time so he could get them and read them. I showed Irwin a map of Israel/Palestine and how the Palestinians controlled about 95% of the land in 1947 and only 10% today. He showed this map to Mart who is Jewish. Mart respon