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Hola amigos,                           ¿Por qué hay Atrocidades?                                 05 de noviembre 2014   "Jim, ¿por qué la gente hace atrocidades, como hacer la guerra, matar unos a otros y las mujeres y los niños?", Preguntó este profesor de la izquierda en una de las 16 charlas en una escuela secundaria en Barranca. Yo le respondí: "Bueno, eso es una pregunta difícil. Voy a tener que pensar en eso. Justo al lado del manguito de una serie de cosas vienen a la mente. Primero Dios nos ha dado libre albedrío. Somos libres de hacer las cosas terribles si decidimos.   La televisión es probablemente parte de por qué también. ¿Cuántos asesinatos vemos allí cada semana? Me imagino que nos dice inconscientemente que matar es sólo una parte de la vida en el mundo de hoy. Otra es jugar juegos en Internet donde uno tira las cosas para ganar. Entiendo el ejército usa este tipo de juegos para entrenar soldados para matar. Ellos empiezan a disparar las cosas

Hope for Justice and Peace

 Dear Friends,              Hope for Justice and Peace      10/29/14    One student in La Mesa shared, “Before the class I had little hope for peace and justice in Colombia, but now I have hope. Thank you so very much.” Another student in La Mesa where I gave 17 talks remarked, “I really appreciated that you I talked about how God wants Catholics and Protestants to work together rather than fighting each other. I really agree with that.”  I always stay with the Quiroga family in Barranca. We really enjoy each other and do a lot of teasing. It is fun. Roberto and Eberty also made a point to encourage me to keep up the talks, saying they felt it is good and very important for Colombians.  Here is Roberto, Robertito, Sasha, and Eberty.  When I was here a couple of years ago, Roberto the father was beginning as a council member in Barranca a city of 300,000 . It has been the custom for each member of the council to receive under the table a large sum of money

Why Atrocities?

 Hello friends,                       Why Atrocities?       Nov. 5, 2014  “Jim, why do people do atrocities, like make war, kill each other and women and children?” asked this teacher on the left in one of 16 talks at a high school in Barranca. I answered, “Well, that’s a tough one. I’ll have to think about that. Just off the cuff a number of things come to mind. First God has given us free will. We are free do awful things if we decide to.  The TV is probably part of why too. How many killings do we see there every week? I imagine it tells us unconsciously that killing is just a part of living in the world today. Another is playing games on the internet where one shoots things to win. I understand the military uses such games to train soldiers to kill.  They start shooting things, then are gradually are switched to people and then the people are turned into the enemy and then the devil. Then when the soldiers are in the field they are switched to real people. Probably