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The Homeless Speak Straightforward

Dear friend ,                                              The Homeless Speak Straightforward      “I think you are right, we need to drop humanitarian aid to convince them to talk but we have to keep bombing them too,” retorted an outspoken fellow in the Chicago “Men’s Homeless Shelter” He said this in response to my reflections on dealing with Isis nonviolently. I showed them this photo to bring home the reality of bombing. It is so easy to forget how a bomb affects the people .   Another man ask “But what can we do right here now?”  I responded, “That is a very good question. One thing we can do is pray. I believe there is a lot more power in prayer than I or probably anyone here realizes.” Another added, “the military Industrial congressional complex” is such a big monster; how do we ever deal with them? About all I know to do is to pray.” “I guess you are right,” I responded. ”You know some problems like this are so huge it is hard to have hope. We have to ask