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Peace with ISIS?                                                     9/18/14  Dear Friends, Below is an article I wrote on dealing with the exploding Middle East crisis. I sent it to several newspapers and my representatives.        Peace with ISIS? My first natural response is that the only option I know is to take ISIS out with our military. But if we bomb them such that we kill about 75% civilians many women and children as often happens  it will become the cement that pushes people to fill the ranks of ISIS. The more we bomb them the faster their acts of hatred for us will increase . Here in Kurdistan, Iraq are refugees a result of the fighting there. My friend Peggy Faw Gish is on the CPT team there. Go to  Plotting Peace to read Peggy’s updates. My reading “The Powers that Be” by Walter Wink has made me reconsider and try to think of an alternative response.  Asking how can we stop this growing hate of each other? Also I learned that ISIS alo
 Dear Friend,                    September 12, 2014  Here is an article “Praying about my Death” by Rich Foss. I think you will appreciate it. It was published in the Bureau Valley Chief Tiskilwa, IL newspaper. Rich has been a mentor to me and a close friend and graciously granted me permission to share this with you.        Peace,  Jim Tiskilwa Plow Creek Boy A Bureau Valley Chief column by Rich Foss It was peaceful, two in the morning following Labor Day, and I was lying in bed, next to my sleeping Sarah, contemplating my passing. I suppose it was understandable, given the fragility of my health and the fact that Sarah and I had been to three memorial service in the previous nine days. As I thought of praying about my death, I wondered, what do I want? How should I pray? Then it came to me. I wanted to pray for a peaceful death, not only peaceful for me but peaceful for Sarah, our children, friends,  family -so many people who love me and that I have loved. A p