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A Fresh Overview of Jim’s Peacemaking

Hello Friends, A Fresh Overview of Jim’s Peacemaking January 17, 2012

Before I get to the overview I would like to tell you a story:

When I was in Colombia last year I shared with some farmers that were forced to leave their farms by paramilitaries who accused them of helping another paramilitary group. I told them a story of how another village responded to the paramilitaries when they were accused of supporting the guerrillas. They said, “We are not going to leave our farm as usually happens. We would rather die than kill guerrillas.”
The leader in the audience responded, “Maybe we were cowards?” I feel this planted seeds for the farmers to consider standing up to bring peace to their village. This inspiring people to act for peace is one of the main purposes for my trips to Colombia.

Now for the overview.
My mission is to Grow Peace internationally and locally by
Instilling Hope through:
• Raising awareness of God’s actions for justice and peace through CPT.
• Inspiring people to act and pray.
• Modeling reconciliation, friendship, understanding, and compassion.
• Engaging in conversations that seek common ground.
In 2011 I gave 25 presentations In Colombia encouraging schools and churches to get involved in Peacemaking. In April 2012 I plan to travel to Colombia again for about 1 1/2 months to share about my 8 years of peacemaking with the CPT Team.

In addition to my planned trip to Colombia in October and November I plan:

A speaking trip through Iowa and Missouri . The last time I was there I spoke at a Methodist church where the Pastor each week prays for the troops. When I was finished sharing he prayed for peace and for me.

A booth at the Illinois Bureau County Fair for 5 days in August. There I will share about my peacemaking and give out my “one click” pamphlets. These pamphlets enable people to write their senators, congressperson, and president with one click, asking them to stop supporting the 2 million dollars a minute for military that is part of the present US budget. (reference: You can see the pamphlet on line at

A booth at the Mennonite Relief Sale at Goshen Indiana in September, where last year I gave out some 200 “one click” pamphlets. There people buy many books on peacemaking. That week I will speak in churches and schools. In 2011 I had 9 venues in the area.

A booth at the Cornerstone Music Festival for 5 days in June where I will give out about 400 “one click” pamphlets and talk to several hundred people. Many of these youth have never thought of connecting their journey as a Christian with peacemaking.

In conjunction with this I plan to continue to do peacemaking here in Chicago. This will include several presentations. And I'll be giving to people I meet on the street the “One Click” pamphlet along with a CPT brochure.
Also I write some 20 peace letters to the 2000 people on my list each year.

And last but not least, I pray 2-3 hrs daily for friends, justice, peace and myself (to help keep me on track).

I might add that several people have asked whether I am still part of CPT. I am officially an alumnus promoting CPT by sharing about my 7 years with the CPT team in Colombia.

Shalom, Jim

To maintain one soldier for war, our taxes pay a MILLION DOLLARS a year.
I will be a soldier for peace for $15,000 a year.

Would you like to be a join in this peacemaking by helping to fill the gap for the $5000. I need for the coming year? Thanks you for your consideration.

PS. To make a donation make checks out to:
Jim’s Peacemaking
send to: Jim’s Peacemaking Or donate on line
723 Seward St
Evanston, Il 60626
All donations are tax deductible.


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