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Endangering the Troops

Hello friends, Endangering the Troops November 30, 2011
“You should not cut the military budget that will endanger the troops; our military only responds in self defense, they will not a have a way to defend themselves." Shared a sister with much feeling who just got returned from the Special Forces in Iraq,
I responded, “I didn't think of that. We should bring them home first that makes sense. I will have to change my flyer" She added, "Yes lets bring them home first, and in addition the private contractors make several times more pay than the soldiers, there has not been a cost of living increase for them for several years now. The politicians are the big problem.This is not right; the soldiers are risking their lives.” This conversation occurred at the end of my presentation at the Eugene Oregon, Quaker church.
“Can you help me, said Pedro Avila in his broken English in Portland Amtrak Station; I responded do you speak Espanol? I speak Espanol, Pedro responded,” wonderful” as he went on to tell me, “I came to Portland hoping to meet a friend who has not show up. It's cold and rainy out and security has told me I have to get out of here if I don't have a ticket.(Interestingly I did not have a ticket either and security never said anything to me.) I got a meal at a church for homeless I was very grateful for that. It is too cold here, really stupid for me to come here.
I just want to return to Sacramento California where it is warm. A ticket cost 94 dollars and I only have $20. I added, "God is with us all, don't worry something will work out we will not leave you here out in the cold. I do not have $74. but I know my friends between us we will be able to help or we will take you home for the night with us. So between two friends and I we put together the money and some food including a couple of sandwiches.
And as we bought his tickers I said Here take this extra $11 when you get to Sacramento, you will have to pawn money to get you the some 200 miles home to Bakersfield.. "Pedro answered No, no please you keep that $11.” “No I insist you take it,´ “No no, well Ok, you are such nice people, be sure to tell your friends thank you too.
Here at the Evergreen Mennonite church in Seattle I am sharing in place of the sermon, followed by their many questions that occupied Sunday school hour.
When you were here a few years ago, I remember you shared your response to our question about how to response to violence in our neighborhood it has stuck with us. You said, just show up, tell the truth, listen, and pray. that has been very helpful to us.” shared Rusty from Springwater church in Portland, Oregon That was encouraging to hear.
Up date, I just learned that Roberto along with two other Christian female friends in Barranca just won the election to the city council. That is a major victory for getting monies to those in most need, more honesty in government, breaking much corruption. All this is a part of bringing peace to Colombia. Thanks for your prayers that I ask of you in June.
"If you fail to help some one in stress, you kill your heart." a African proverb. One of about a hundred plagues on a peace wall between the library and the Court house in Salem, Oregon.
It was very encouraging to see them in this public place.
Thanks for your support that enabled me to do 27 presentations in this speaking trip from Los Angles to Seattle.
Peace, Jim


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