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On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 10:34 AM, Jim Fitz wrote:

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Dear friends: Off to Colombia and 2011 Annual Report April 26,2011

I fly to Bogotá May 2nd, returning on June 20th. There I will be giving about 35 presentations to Mennonite Brethren, Brethren in Christ, and Mennonite congregations and many schools to encourage them in their peacemaking in the midst of the 50 year civil war.

This may not seem as exciting as when I was on the front lines with CPT, but I feel this is very important too. I will be planting seeds of encouragement for many people in Bogota, Cali, Sincelejo, and Chocó, Colombia to get involved in Peacemaking. In the long run, this will be much more effective than my being a solo peacemaker.

This year I began sharing and giving out an envelope with How to help end the wars with One click, Do you know enough to enlist? And the basic CPT brochure. I encourage people to pray and tell their government representatives to stop wasting 2 million dollars a minute for the military as is the plan in the new budget.

I do this on my daily exercise walks to the lake. This is more efficient than the 2 hours on public transportation to a subway station to interact with people as I was doing before. I give out 2-6 packets a day.

Here I am with a Loyola Student, Jenny. I ask her why she was interested in my peacemaking information. She said, “I have traveled a lot, to at least a dozen countries, and I learned all people want peace.”

I am very happy to report that I found a medication, Lamictal, to be a big help for my depression. This is probably my 1st time in 20 years to have a stretch of 4 months depression-free. I really have come to see how depression debilitates my peacemaking work. It is so wonderful! Alleluia! Alleluia!

As I’ve done in previous years, I plan to have a CPT booth at the Cornerstone Music Festival and the Bureau County Fair. This continues to be an important way to have dialogue with people. I plan also to make a US tour similar to last year when I gave over 27 presentations in schools and congregations. I will write letters so that you can be an informed prayer partner and advocate for peace. Over 2000 people receive these letters. My letters and photos are at:

Almost every day I spend over two hours praying for others, for myself, and for justice and peace in the world. Not that I am so great at praying, but we do have the Greatest Listener who hears our inarticulate groaning and longing. Praying helps me keep on track, for I inevitably get off the path. All of you are on my prayer list.

We’ve recently had one of my quarterly advisory board meetings. This was very helpful and encouraging. As a part of that I have changed my mission statement to reflect more clearly my peacemaking today. Also you and they can now visit me on Facebook (search for Jim’s Peacemaking) and Twitter (jimfitz2gmail).

The mission of Jim’s Peacemaking is to witness to a good and loving God through:

1) Seeking honest dialogue leading to common ground.

2) Sharing hope through identification of God’s healing activity in our world.

3) Seeking to inspire persons to act and pray which overcomes hopelessness.

4) Modeling reconciliation, friendship, understanding, and compassion between

people locally and internationally.

To maintain one soldier for war, our taxes pay a MILLION DOLLARS a year.

I will be a soldier for peace for $12,100 a year.

See attached budget

I am passionate about peace. Will you join me in making peacemaking a priority in today’s world?

If so, please make out checks to “Jim’s Peacemaking” and mail to:

Jim’s Peacemaking

723 Seward

Evanston, IL 60602

To contribute online, go to

All contributions are tax deductible.


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PS: Please consider acting on your concern for peace by investing generously in this

peacemaking today.

PS: Please consider acting on your concern for peace by investing generously in this

Say a prayer for our sister community Valle Nuevo, El Salvador as they seek to close soon their 19 year old land purchase deal which is held up on some technicalities.

-And for my sharing in Colombia would result in them being actively involved in Peacemaking


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