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Back from the war 4 hours ago

“Back from the war 4 hours ago.” December 30, 2010

“Would you like to help end the wars with one click?” I ask. “What? I just got back from the war 4 hours ago.” Thus responded a man in fatigues on the street by our house. “What do you think of the war?” I ask. “I think it is stupid, they should be spending that money for the homeless here. It is a big mistake. What a waste. I am a Doctor. Great, I will take one those papers and write my representatives.” If you would like to write you representative see this link:
Such was one of my many exchanges on one of my daily exercise walks to Lake Michigan from our apartment here in Chicago. Here I am on the pier by the lake.

I did 27 presentations in a month-long speaking trip in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania; here are some glimpses into them.

Dr. Yanez, a Spanish Professor at Manchester College where I gave 8 talks. He planned to give me 15 minutes of his class time until he heard what I was sharing about. Then he said, "Take the whole period; what you are sharing is very important for the students to know what is happening in Colombia. I lived in Venezuela on the border with Colombia. What you are saying is exactly the way it is. Any time you come this way you are welcome in my classes."

Samantha, who organized the talks at Manchester, wrote: “We loved hearing your message at Kenpoc … pleased you were able to present in so many classes… most of all thank you for your work and witness with CPT… blessings as you touch lives in the name of peace.”

In a good conversation at the Goshen, IN Mennonite Relief Sale, where I had a booth, a brother shared. “My Dad is a pastor. He was accused falsely by his church, which split the church. My Dad responded in front of the whole church, “ I have been cut into pieces by this experience, but I just want to let you know, the pieces will always love each one of you as my brothers and sisters.” The brother added, “ this has always been an example and inspiration for me of the goodness of loving our enemies.” “How important it is,” I answered, “ it is a real inspiration to me too of the goodness of striving to love our enemies, thank you for sharing that with me.”

In Elkhart Central High School I shared with about 600 students, t many who had good questions. As with all my presentations and work on this trip I encouraged people to write their government representatives through and ask them to stop wasting our money on war which does not lead to peace or security. To see how you can do it too, use this link.

After my sharing at the Lafayette Church of the Brethren a Pentecostal couple came up to me and said, “Thanks for coming to share - that was inspiring. God bless you in your work for peace. “

A Quaker there remarked, “It was very encouraging to hear you say how important prayer is in our social actions. I’ve felt that is very important too, which I don’t feel much support for in my Friends meetings.
The planners of the Lafayette meeting remarked, “If you come here again, we want to be sure to get some venues at Perdue University here in Lafayette.”

Say a prayer that those ?hearing? 27 sharings that they would sprout, grow, and flourish.

Peace and joy to you and your friends this season.



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