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Zechariah and Building Peace

Hello Friend,

"What was that scripture you opened with?" asked an attentive student at Webster U in St Louis. I replied, "It was Eugene Peterson's The Message, Zech. 9: 9-13, here notice what God is doing and how humans are to be part of it, then Mat. 28: 16-20 here notice Jesus' charge to the disciples even though they are not sure about their commitment, I find myself in the disciple shoes often times feeling a bit lukewarm about committing myself totally to God. Then Eph. 3:20. a reminder that God can do anything you know, then Zech. 8:13 this says what I sense is my purpose in this presentation, a glimpse into what God is doing through CPT. If we keep our focus on what the media tells us is happening we become afraid and wonder when will be the collapse of the world and it paralysis us. But if we keep our attention on what God is doing, we can live with hope and be energized to be a part of constructing peace and justice a new world here and now!"

Other glimpses into what God is doing is in The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. Hard to read this book and not have hope for the future

"One of students told me she wasn't going to come to class today from being upset because her housemate told her she didn't want to live with her anymore. But she was so glad she came because she was very encouraged by your challenge that working out conflicts with those you rub shoulder with is an important part of peacemaking, you are a real inspiration to me too." Shared Mark Chmiel a professor at St Louis U after I gave 3 presentations in his classes.

I was very inspired by the deep seeking spirit I sensed amongst a group of college students in Peoria, IL, in which they ask me to pray for them after they prayed for me.

"That was one of the most hopeful talks I have ever heard", shared one of the elderly nuns at the Nazareth Living Center in St Louis.

"That quote from the Message bible "Jesus is the descent of God into our lives, just as they are, not the ascent of our lives to God hoping he might approve when he sees how hard we try.", says it well." ,Remarked Ray Redlick after our TV interviewed to be broadcast on several station in the St Louis area.

Those are a few of the many positive responses in the 13 days of 26 talks in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois I recently gave.

Say a Prayer for:

  • that God's concerns would be our concerns as we vote.
  • Andrew and others in St Louis who are planning a Iranian trip to work on reconciliation between our countries.
  • For Lyn and I in the coming stress of the move and transition to Chicago. Pray with me that a Pratt apt. open as it would suit us the best in the following ways, in a secure place to park, financially. and being close to the church.
  • That the seeds that were planted in my trip would sprout and flourish.
Peace to you,


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