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My Next Peace Trip

Dear Friend,

My next trip to Colombia will take me in a bit of a new direction, for I have been invited by the Colombian Mennonite Brethren to work for three months with them. I will be sharing about CPT work as a way of promoting peacemaking amongst their 44 congregations and nearly 4000 members. Because the Colombian Mennonite Brethren are in the process of recovering their peace heritage, it is a particularly ripe time for this to happen and I am very excited for this opportunity.

This direction may not look as "exciting" as being on the front lines with CPT on the Opon River. However, I feel my potential for helping the Colombian peace process is multiplied in this opportunity because I will be encouraging more Colombian Christians to get involved in peacemaking in their own country. The Church has an important part to play, especially in bringing the call to love our enemies and integrity into the Colombian peace process.

Last Thursday I shared with a local conference of Lutheran pastors and lay leaders. One pastor shared with me: “I did an extensive study with our youth on the 'Just War Theory' which is very strong in the Lutheran Church. The conclusion I came to is that 99.9% of the time war cannot be supported with this theory. It seems most times we start a war and use the theory to justify it.”

I am making plans to attend the third annual Pentecostal Charismatic Peacemaking Conference in San Francisco in October and while there, to do slide presentations in California and Oregon.

Because I will be in Colombia January thru March, I am doing my fund raising earlier than usual. Therefore I will need to raise $9000 to carry me through April 2008.

I have been putting off writing this letter partly because of all my peacemaking involvements, but also because it is hard to ask for money. It is hard to admit that I am not self-sufficient and that I am dependent upon you. I still feel clearly called to this peace building. Will you join me in this work?

If so, make out a check to Jim's Peacemaking mail to 723 Seward St, Evanston IL. Or just click on the link below and use Pay Pal. All contributions are tax deductible.
Give for Peace

Thanks for your consideration.

Peace to you,


To maintain one soldier for war, our taxes pay $150,000 a year.
I will be a soldier for peace for $22,900 a year.


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