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Jim Fitz's 2004 Peace Plan

Greeting, my friends,

Well, I am finally getting to articulate my plan for 2004. Just has felt there were other things that have been more urgent. But I can’t procrastinate any longer.

My passion for peace has just deepened over the year. This makes me feel I am on the right track.

My mission statement still seems relevant. To do peacemaking lovingly, humbly, calmly, and prayerfully, so that it challenges, supports, and fosters reconciliation, friendship, understanding, and compassion between people locally and internationally.

For pictures and further details from this past year, go to the page "04 Pictures and Captions".

Here is a link to this year's budget.

Making a difference for peace in 2004
  • The trip to Pennsylvania and California where I gave over a dozen slide presentations and had many significant conversations encouraging people in their peacemaking and sharing about my own peacemaking. I have given eight presentations in local schools.
  • I will manage a Christian Peacemaker Team booth and give three seminars at the Cornerstone Christian Music Festival over July the 4th.
  • I have six others that will help this year. This will enable us to have more time to relate deeper with interested persons.
  • I will have a CPT booth at the county fair this year in August. It will give me a chance to tell a lot of people who have not thought about our connecting peacemaking and Christianity. These two events I really look forward to. I sense in some ways God has given me a gift to talk to others about peacemaking and these are times I can exercise this gift. It is always a joy. I plan to involve others here also.
  • In October for about 2 ½ months I will go to Colombia to be part of the CPT Team protecting some 80 families from the intrusion of the paramilitaries and guerrillas. In the last six months the farmers have made some very significant strides for a lasting peace by saying no to cooperation with these threatening armed groups.
  • At Thanksgiving I will go to El Salvador for a week to help my son Andy settle in for a month with our sister community Valle Nuevo. I am so glad he has initiated to do this.
  • There are so many things a person can be doing for peace, I have been feeling the need to try to set up some kind of peace advisory group. One, to involve others in peacemaking and two, to help in setting priorities amongst the many peacemaking opportunities.
  • Coordinating bringing speakers to the area to speak on peace opportunities and issues.
  • Writing e-mails and letters that encourage and give hope for peacemakers. My letters are at web site
  • Participate in weekly Peace Vigil. 2000 cars see our messages the hour we are there. Like “ Pray for Peace, Act for Peace”, “Trust in God and not in Weapons”, “Overcome evil with good”.
  • Sending out messages about peacemaking, I have had many people say how much they appreciate reading these messages. My messages are at web site
  • Many years ago I felt a call to pray for others, for peace and various world situations. Therefore I try to take time to do that each day. Many of you are on my list. Your continued prayer support has help my peace work more than we realize.
  • A big goal I have for this year is to set up a advisory board of concerned people for peace. There are so many different opportunities for peacemaking. This would help give me direction by setting priorities. It would also hopefully encourage others to be more active in peacemaking. Please pray for the right people to be part of this group.
Pastoral oversight

I will review my peacemaking activities, plans, and budget spending with my Pastor Rich Foss regularly and with others as needed. I will plan to report to supporters regularly during the year. I welcome your suggestions or questions.

Your invitation to invest in this peacemaking ministry

I am passionate about peace. Will you join me in making peacemaking a priority in today’s world?

Make out checks to Jim's Peacemaking and mail to 723 Seward St, Evanston IL. All contributions are tax deductible.

Thank you for listening.
Jim Fitz

PS. Please consider acting on your concern for peace by investing generously in peacemaking today.


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