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Creating On Earth Peace in my church

Hello, Friend February 15, 2012 Creating On Earth Peace in my church. Henry: I really appreciate the way you reach out to people here at Living Water Mennonite Community church. Your example and practice is a very important and good part of our church. We have been best friends for a long time. Henry continuing: But I just want to let you know that when I talked to you about changing Pot Lucks to two times a month I really felt you didn’t take me seriously. I felt dismissed, and that really offended me. I’ve been stewing over this ever since that happened over 2 years ago. I feel it has broken the goodness of the close relationship that God had given us. Judy (paraphrasing back): You really felt hurt when you talked to me about changing the Pot Lucks. You felt I dismissed you and did not take you seriously. You have been stewing over this for years now. It hurt you to lose our closeness. I am really sorry. Henry: I think that sums it