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Colombia! Peace is Drawing Near!

Colombia!  Peace is Drawing Near!  I am very encouraged as I sense significant progress is happening in the talks in Cuba between the FARC and the Colombia government.  I sense Peace is coming to Colombia.  Alleluia! Here are some reasons why.   The reconciliation between perpetrators and victims that is happening in the peace talks. These are very similar to the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions that happened in South Africa to bring reconciliation there. The process is getting campesinos farms that they lost during the war back into their hands. What happened is they often had to sell their land very cheaply and quickly to escape the violence.  Returning the land is a very difficult and tricky thing but it is beginning to happen. In a recent in-depth article in the Chicago Tribune ( Page 1 ,  Page 2 ,  Page 3 ) many victims were interviewed, they all said they wanted to forgive and get on with ending the war.  Each of these are really importan