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Level the Playing Field

Hello Friend, “God’s going to level the playing field, get rid of all the corruption that is causing this world mess we are in. Get rid of the corrupt people and start over. If I had the opportunity to be 28 again I would never do it, I do not have much hope,” remarked a vendor friend at the county fair in our hour long conversation.  Interestingly a Muslim friend in Tiskilwa said almost the exact same thing in our hour long visit. I responded to both, I disagree. God Is love and I tend to believe God will likely “use this disaster we are in to create a new people. Also as the intro to the book of Kings in the message bible says “in spite of the incredible mess these kings (our leaders) are making of God’s purposes…he uses them in his work, doesn’t discard them, nor detour around them, …they are part of his sovereign rule, whether they want to be or not, whether they know it or not.” God is still in charge. I added, “This is a personal consolation in our present election, in the recen