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COLOMBIA: Letter from Carol Rose (edited for length) The week before last I visited a couple of villages that have been affected by US sponsored fumigations. While almost everyone agrees the growing of illicit crops in large amounts (coca) is problematic, the devastation caused by the generalized spraying of herbicides is devastating. I do mean generalized spraying--over homes and yards, over food crops, over schools and water sources. People are sick. Their legitimate sources of income wiped out. And the coca recovers with relative ease. So fumigation leaves communities even more dependant on the growing of coca. Three weeks ago a couple of men from the communities along the Opon River where CPT has our primary work were disappeared and are believed dead at this point. We're working on a worship service to help the community grieve. It's particularly hard when you're not sure about what happened and you have the armed group's reactions to worry about. This one was pr