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Answered Prayers

Dear friends, I asked for you to pray in the last letter and to say it simply, God answered far beyond our expectations. 1. In El Salvador, a moderate leftist candidate was elected, 51% to 48%. And a good friend in Colombia who was watching the election wrote, “I think this new president has real potential to be a government that is really for the people.” 2. When I went to give the five presentations to the Proviso West High School, the teacher was so fearful he would lose his job if my presentation even hinted anything about religion that I was ready to say, “Oh, let's just forget it.” But when we went to check with the principal, she assured us there would be no problem and said “This kind of presentation is an important p art of giving the kids a good education.” In asking the students what they thought of CPT afterwards, they were 90% very positive. One senior is seriously considering CPT as part of her future. 3. I got an email from the Presbyterian director that contained t
Queridos amigos, 1. En El Salvador, un candidato moderadamente liberal fue elegido, de 51% a 48%. Y un amigo en Colombia que miró la elección me escribió, “Yo creo que éste presidente nuevo tiene la potencia real de instituir un gobierno que apoyará al pueblo.” Nuestros amigos Salvadoreños nos dijeron algo semejante. 2. Cuando di las cinco presentaciones al escuelo secundario Proviso Oeste en Chicago, el maestro temió tanto que perdiera su trabajo si mi presentación tenia algo que ver con la religión que yo estaba listo para decir, ‘No las hagamos.’ Pero cuando pedimos consejos del principal, ella nos aseguró que no habría ningún problema y nos dijo, “Este tipo de presentación es una parte importante de darles a los niños una educación buena. Cuando les preguntamos a los estudiantes después lo que ellos pensaron sobre el CPT, todos menos uno expresaron aprobación. El único estudiante que no le gusto a CPT me dijo, “Eres loco por tomar tantos riesgos.” Pero una estudiante mayor está con

Calling Prayers

Hello friends, I have a prayer list for you. 1. El Salvador is in the midst of an important election today. Pray that God’s will be done. That whatever the out come that people would have dialogue with each other and not resort to the gun to resolve their differences. 2. Tomorrow I plan to give 6 presentations in the Proviso West High School in Chicago. Students are involved in gangs and probably some carry guns when not in school. Pray that we all could be open to what the Lord wants to say to and through each of us to bring his peace, justice, and joy . 3. I have made an application and had an interview to volunteer in the Colombian Presbyterian accompaniment program. I felt very good about the interview and feel their program would fit me very well. The Presbyterians have been waiting 2 weeks to talk to CPT before they can move ahead with my application. Pray CPT would respond soon and if not that I would have patience. 4. I am going through a crisis in my life and will be se