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Marriages in Stress Hello, Friends, "I left my husband a few days ago. Now he is calling me, saying that things will be different and I should just come back," Lisa shared with a group of us. I pulled her aside and told her, “I will be praying for you both.” She gave me a big hug and said, “Oh thank you!” I gave her the book Desperate Marriages by Gary Chapman. She responded later, “I read it and it was very helpful. Thank you so much.” We have been keeping in touch from time to time ever since. They have two boys. A friend said, “I have something to share with you from your good friends X and Y. Y has been involved sexually with another women. They, together with the church, are working on reconciliation, but it is a hard road. X and Y asked me to tell you so you could be praying for them.” “I haven’t been attending church since the first of the year,” another brother told me. “J and I have been having serious problems relating. And it feels a co