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"Can we get in?"

Dear Friends , "What’s going on? Colombia ( a little late) May 25, 2011 "What’s going on? Can we get in?" I ask Olga the teacher who had invited me to share in her class. Olga replied, "The students are on strike, the mayor paid a company a month to sweep the floors, clean the bathrooms, the cafeteria, etc. in the schools. and they have not done it. And to the surprise of everyone a group of students are calling a strike in protest and not letting the school function today . Guess we will have to forget about your two presentations. Sorry,"CIMG1985 (Medium).JPG Here are a few of the upper class high school students who have therefore taken it on to close the school for a day to get the mayor's attention. The signs say, "For our space", "We want our cafeteria". To the far left is Ebertys with Olga next to her. "Well, how about we go have some coffee at that little shop across the stre