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Prison and black

Dear Friends, “I murdered a person in California, after which I was in prison for about 20 years. If I were black I would still be in jail,” remarked Nash.  I had met him at Koinonia Community Farm, in Georgia. Nash works hard at supporting local Hispanics who live in fear of deportation by Trump’s executive orders. Nash showed me his house, which was a trial prototype for Habitat for Humanity. Clarence Jordan was cofounder of both Habitat and Koinonia. Habitat began when Clarence remarked one day, “Nobody should live in a shack.”  So they built houses for their black neighbors, who were living in shacks. In its first years the multiracial community was harassed with drive-by shooting at their houses and local boycotts that kept them from selling their pecan products or buying farm supplies from local businesses. They were shunned because blacks were part of the community. One business was bombed because they sold Koinonia some fertilizer.  Innovatively Koinonia start