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Reading the Bible & Peace Advisory Board

Hello friends: Reading the Bible & Peace Advisory Board An Interesting survey how reading the Bible shape our opinions from "Christianity Today" , This is a magazine that has been one of the main voices for Evangelical Christians in the USA. Survey: Frequent Bible Reading Can Turn You Liberal What a surprising survey says about how reading the Bible frequently can turn you liberal (in some ways). Aaron B. Franzen | posted 10/12/2011 10:20AM Related articles and links | 1 of 2 ADVERTISEMENT A recent poll from LifeWay Research found that 89 percent of American households still own a Bible, with the average home having 4.1 Bibles. But owning a Bible is different from reading it—and pollsters might be surprised by what happens when many Americans do. Most polls, surveys, and studies that have examined the Bible's influence have looked at views of its inspiration and methods of interpretation. Gallup, for example, h

Endangering the Troops

Hello friends, Endangering the Troops November 30, 2011 “You should not cut the military budget that will endanger the troops; our military only responds in self defense, they will not a have a way to defend themselves." Shared a sister with much feeling who just got returned from the Special Forces in Iraq, I responded, “I didn't think of that. We should bring them home first that makes sense. I will have to change my flyer" She added, "Yes lets bring them home first, and in addition the private contractors make several times more pay than the soldiers, there has not been a cost of living increase for them for several years now. The politicians are the big problem.This is not right; the soldiers are risking their lives.” This conversation occurred at the end of my presentation at the Eugene Oregon, Quaker church. “Can you help me, said Pedro Avila in his broken English in Portland Amtrak Station; I responded do